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Tsanko Tsankov won the Spanish qualification in open water swimming!

Tsanko Tsankov won the Spanish qualification in open water swimming, which was held near Barcelona (Spain). He covered the distance of 5,000 meters in the waters of the Mediterranean in 56 minutes and 28 seconds. The competition was also the only chance to win a visa to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, which is Tsankov's main goal this year. 167 competitors from 14 countries took part in the competition, with Tsankov being the only Bulgarian representative. 7 competitors from the Russian Federation and 4 from Ukraine dropped out of the preliminary applications. According to the organizers' regulation, only the first 24 swimmers from all over the world ranked in time will be allowed to cross the Strait of Gibraltar in 2022.

We remind you that in the 127-year history of crossing Gibraltar, which is considered one of the most prestigious and difficult routes in the open waters, currently no Bulgarian participation is registered.

We wish Tsanko success on the road to

the lofty goal to conquer Gibraltar!


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